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In the area of 50 km long and 10 miles wide, on the Srem side mountain Fruska Gora,is situated 16 Serbian Orthodox monastery, built in the late Middle Ages, when the center of Serbian culture under the onslaught of the Turks moved to the then Southern Hungary. This unique cultural and historical complex was declared a cultural asset of great importance for Srerbia.Burna history, architectural and artistic beauty, and especially the role of the spiritual center of Serbian people, contributed to the great importance of monasteries in the cultural and historical heritage of Serbia.

From west to east, is the monastery: Privina Head, Divša, Kuveždin, Petkovic, Šišatovac, Bešenovo, Small Remeta Beočin, Rakovac, Jazak, Vrdnik Hopovo Old, New Hopovo Grgeteg, United Remeta and Krusedol.